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Experience the exciting and original gameplay of Head Soccer MOD APK with millions of other online gamers in a global soccer clash.
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Experience the exciting and original gameplay of Head Soccer MOD APK with millions of other online gamers in a global soccer clash. Discover a new, exciting way to play soccer by blending it with other martial arts. The amount of enjoyment you get from this is enormous.

head socer mod apk

Game Play

The game offers a new take on the soccer genre for gamers. Here you may participate in thrilling head-to-head soccer competitions with other online players. Take charge of your weird, oversized-headed avatars and pit them against one other in intense one-on-one football duels.

In this basic 2D football game, you and your opponent are free to go anywhere on the field and engage in whatever kind of combat you see fit. You can beat your opponent by scoring goals, giving him a headbutt, or kicking the ball at him eight times. Also related this game is the Real football game.

Head Soccer MOD APK’s Features

You’ll discover every fun aspect of the game right here:

Super-Easy, Totally Hilarious Settings

Players should expect to feel at home with Head Soccer’s controls very fast. As a result, even gaming newbies should have no trouble picking up and playing the game. Furthermore, the easy-to-understand controls make it possible to learn the basics of character movement and skill use in no time.

A variety of available avatars

The visual appearance of your player may be altered in a number of ways in Head Soccer MOD APK. However, there are 81 unique characters to choose from when you first start the game. Pick whichever ones pique your curiosity the most. Furthermore, other avatars may be added to your roster as you go through the game.

You’ll have a lot more fun playing this game since each character you control has his own special animations and skill techniques.

head socer mod apk

Gain access to and hone improved versions of previously hidden abilities

In addition, as you gain experience with your characters, you’ll have the option to either unlock new abilities for them or improve existing ones. Whom you choose is entirely up to you and your own tastes. Do not be shy about exploring the many facets of their expertise.

Personalize the look of your characters anyway you want.

In addition, you may also make some fascinating adjustments to your characters via different customizations. You can make your avatar seem cooler by giving them a different head, body, and even a pet. And most importantly, the wonderful costumes will always be accessible for you to pick up any time.

Play the game in its many modes.

There are seven different game modes in Head Soccer, and they all add a lot of fun to the game even when played offline.

Arcade – Kick off your Head Soccer adventure on a brand new ball and take on a variety of stages of increasing difficulty. To unlock the next one and get access to even more great prizes, you must first complete the previous one.

Tournaments are the pinnacle of competitiveness, with only the finest players earning the right to call themselves champions.

Get stuck in seemingly never-ending lines against waves upon waves of enemies in order to survive. To break your own records for longevity, you should hold out as long as you can.

League Play against other top soccer players in each round and try to outscore them to win the championship.

Head Cup – Lace up your cleats, because we’re going to the Head Cup, where the top Head Soccer players in the world battle for the championship.

Death Mode is quite similar to the Survival challenge, except there is no respite and the battles against the adversaries never cease. See if you can get far in this.

The final and one of my personal favorites is “Fight Mode,” in which the game’s most skilled players face off in thrilling one-on-one bouts.

Join gamers from all around the globe in exploring the online gaming environment.

And if you’re up for it, you may have a great time competing against other players in real-time online matches of Head Soccer in the online challenges. You’ll soon find yourself competing against the world’s finest gamers. Access this option immediately by signing in with your Google Play credentials. Also, Head Soccer also contains thrilling local Bluetooth matches if you don’t want to spend your time competing in the online challenges.

head socer mod apk

Open for business

And despite all the fascinating features, Android players may still have this wonderful game loaded on their mobile devices for entirely free. The game is available for free on the Google Play Store. You will still be harassed by in-app purchases and, more significantly, advertisements, despite the fact that this is a freemium game.

Have access to infinite money with our mod

So if that’s the case, then you may simply have our customized version of the game loaded on your devices instead. All you have to do to get started with our ad-free and unlimited-gold version of Head Soccer Mod APK to your mobile device. The most significant aspect of this mod is that you can buy whatever you desire.

The picture and sound are top-notch.


Plunge into the exciting soccer game with realistic sound and visuals. While it’s merely a 2D title, the makers at D&D Dream have done a terrific job exposing football lovers to this lovely soccer game.

Therefore, players will have access to a wide variety of playable characters with distinctive appearances and wardrobes. Each of them has its own unique kicks, and they’re all very cool to see.

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Finally, Android users will find the game’s unusual giant-headed characters to be a great deal more engaging. You’ll have a hard time taking the game seriously if your characters are always making you chuckle.


With strong and deep sound effects, players in Head Soccer will find themselves absolutely captivated to the game. Listen to the great sounds of the audience applauding as you relax and watch the game. There’s also the sound of your opponents’ cries when you kick their butt. It has a very high potential for addiction.


If you like soccer, you will love this game from D&D Dream. This would be a great option for football fans looking for something new and exciting. So if you that’s what you’re searching for, don’t hesitate to get the game loaded on your Android devices. Champions of the Fields, High Scorer, and similar titles deserve recognition as well.












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