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In CallApp MOD APK you can block and put in spam which You continue receiving junk calls and texts from unknown numbers.
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In CallApp MOD APK you can block and put in spam which You continue receiving junk calls and texts from unknown numbers. Trying to figure out whether an unknown missed call came from someone you know? Want a quick toolbox to enhance the quality of your phone calls and discussions? Then CallApp’s great smartphone app should offer all you need and more.

CallApp mod apk

MOD Introduction:

Enjoy working with the robust mobile app, which enables mobile users to keep track of all recording and receiving contacts’ caller IDs. Identify calls and SMS from unknown contacts so you can hunt down the senders. Also, utilize the blocking capabilities to keep robocalls and spam texts away from you. there is a VPN Client Pro that is also used for VPN use.

With our in-depth evaluations, you can learn more about this intriguing CallApp MOD APK mobile application and all of its outstanding features.


The software, like Truecaller, enables Android users to recognize contacts from all received, received, and contracted calls. As a result, you will have access to all the key information about the contacts, allowing you to determine where you want to maintain their connections or ban the spammers. Furthermore, the app has a number of features that will make it much simpler for you to keep track of your contacts.

Use the app to find out who phoned you without knowing who the caller is. To record calls without difficulty, utilize the Automated Call Recorder function. Enabling Video Ringtones allows you to personalize the incoming caller screen and alerts. Have complete control over the Dialer and Contacts. To keep callers from spamming numbers, use the Blacklist option. When using CallApp, activate anonymous calls to preserve your privacy.


If you’re interested in the excellent mobile application, you can now get the free version from the Google Play Store, which should be accessible for all Android users to download and enjoy for free. Keep in mind that the software will still include advertisements and premium features that you must unlock.

Also, the in-app features will need specific access rights from Android devices, so keep this in mind when you initially launch the app. Furthermore, in order to increase its reliability and compatibility, CallApp MOD APK users must have their mobile devices updated to the newest software revisions, particularly while using the app’s most recent version.

Key features of MOD APK:

The following are all of the app’s intriguing features:

App with full caller ID functionality.

Android users can simply discover all they need to know about the caller’s ID and more with CallApp MOD APK. The software allows you to see who has previously phoned you and who is now phoning you. Identify the caller ID from each discussion right away. Allow the app to prevent spam calls automatically. Report specific caller IDs to prevent them from contacting you again. Keep track of all prior calls with recorded IDs, which you may always refer to.

Calls should be recorded using an automated call recorder.

For those who are interested, CallApp may record calls in high-quality settings so that you can completely study the talks. Allow the automatic call recorder to be enabled on certain contacts so that you may record phone calls fast and easily. CallApp may allow you to record incoming and departing talks automatically and secretly.

Contacts may be personalized using various options.

Android users can now customize their contacts with multiple options thanks to CallApp. In addition to the basic information about each contact, you can give them fresh in-app covers so you know who’s calling when you glance at the caller screen. Furthermore, users may add their own video ringtones to rapidly inform them of a certain caller using their own melodies.

It is available for all Android smartphones.

CallApp’s fantastic mobile software is accessible for both Android and Wear OS devices, so you can use it whether you’re on your phone or wearing your smartwatch. Users may now see all pertinent information about the caller using their cellphones or by just glancing at their watches. Furthermore, by integrating CallApp with Wear OS devices, customers can answer phone calls directly from their watches without taking out their phones.

Control your dialer and contacts.

CallApp will provide a range of various features to enhance your in-app experiences in order to efficiently manage contacts and engage with the dialer. Users may utilize the free caller ID to handle all incoming and outgoing calls. You may report spam calls to the system. Prevent particular numbers from contacting you, activate the call recorder, and freely engage with the dialer software.

CallApp will also fully present the contact’s information, as the app displays the caller’s ID, name, picture, number lookup, number locator, birthdate, social media, email address, and other relevant data.

Have fun with unique adaptations.

Android users may edit their contacts’ information in CallApp, including the address book, caller ID, dialer, call recording settings, and more. Furthermore, by including a handy theme changer. There is a program that allows you to adjust the aesthetic aspects inside CallApp, making the app more fun to engage with.

Numbers are blacklisted to avoid spam.

You can quickly ban any incoming numbers with CallApp to prevent them from ever contacting you again. Simply add spam calls to report the caller and block the number so they don’t phone you again. You may also use the Who Called Me feature to find prior calls from insignificant people and perhaps ban them. Make good use of the Blacklist option to ensure that you only get urgent calls.

Better privacy is demand by enabling incognito.

Those of you has an interest may now utilize incognito calls to enjoy complete privacy. While attempting to reach certain contacts without revealing your personal information. Because you may screen yourself from others, this is ideal for both work and personal usage. Simply switch to incognito mode, and no one will be able to identify you as the caller.

Check your previously seen profiles again.

In addition, Android users will be able to reverse-check the list of seen profiles to find out who is attempting to access your caller ID. Look at whoever is attempting to check you out to find out what they want.

Backups may help you protect your data.

CallApp users may now opt to back up their data with a single click to ensure that all vital data in CallApp is safeguarded. The program allows you to back up your caller info by storing it. It is all in one file that you can quickly access and retrieve later.

Keep track of your own calling stats.

CallApp will now enable mobile users to keep track of their calling trends as well as follow whoever called them recently, thanks to the availability of personal calling statistics. Feel free to return to the personal calling analytics anytime you need to review and break down your own data.

Enjoy our website’s free and unlocked app.

Last but not least, if you want to use CallApp’s amazing mobile app but don’t want to pay the premium fees. You can now opt for the modified version of CallApp on our website instead. We provide an unlocked application with no advertisements and limitless functionalities, allowing you to get the most out of it without having to pay anything. All you have to do is download the CallApp Mod APK, follow the instructions, and you’re ready to go.

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CallApp’s simple but powerful features provide mobile users with complete control over their current calling history and future experiences. Feel free to use it to monitor caller IDs or identify specific contacts with their complete contact information shown. With incognito calls, you can protect your personal information. Set up your phone call recorder to preserve essential conversations. Prevent particular contacts from spamming your phone number. The list goes on and on. All of this will be free as well, owing to our customized.





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